Mid September Up date

September 9-11, we were at Muckleshoot Pentecostal Church in Auburn for Pastor Kenny Williams celebration of life gathering. Visitors came from all over to remember our dear friend and family member. It was a weekend of Holy Ghost encounters, angelic presence and healing. We are sure Kenny was looking down from his heavenly home with a big smile on his face.

Prayer Muchkleshoot

September 14-16, took us to Pendleton Oregon for the Round Up and Happy Cannon Indian Pageant. This has been something we have always wanted to do but could never squeeze it in when Jerry was working full time. Thank you to Danny and Gloria Houle for buying our tickets, giving us a place to park our trailer and chauffeuring us all around tow

September 18, we traveled to Hillside Nazarene Church in Kent. Pastor Ev Tustin instigated a gift of alters for  the Muckleshoot church in honor of Pastor Kenny. Pastor Charlotte and her daughter Serena were there to receive the gift. Jerry came and share some drum songs to further honor the First Nation community.

September 24, we travel to Bellingham for a memorial where Jerry will help with worship and then also share in worship on Sunday morning.

October 2, we will be at Shekinah for our monthly First Nations Sunday. 

October 6-9, we are headed to Newport OR for a  prophetic worship gathering and then to lead worship a church service on the Siletz reservation on Sunday morning. 

October 15 the Cowlitz Pow Wow will be at the convention center in Longview. Grand Entries are 1:00 and 7:00 pm. We will be there vending.  This is a good time to come out and support our local tribe!

October 21-23, is Prayer At the Heart. We have been asked to join the Oregon prayer movement for an  assignment at  Powell Butte Oregon. Releasing the love and blessing of God, re-open historical wells of revival and pray for the people, cultured landOkay friends that’s what we have for now. As always your love, prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.

Recording update: Martin and Rebeca Neil were here for 2 weeks in August working on the Pre -recording for Jerry’s new album. A big thank you to Doug Wheeler for donating his recording studio! Even with this huge contribution from Doug we will need finances to complete the project. Your support would be greatly appreciated. The Neils will be returning in November to hopefully complete the recording portion.

Giving: You can give by check and mail to us at 2501 Corman Rd Longview WA 98632
We also have a Venmo Account Jerry Chapman@Jerry-Chapman-2

THANK YOU to Natalie and Presley who are now house siting when we travel!

Love and blessings to each of you!

J & L

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Summer 22 Update

Hello friends,

We have been enjoying A fantastic summer so far. July 28-31 we attended the Wiconi family camp in Turner Oregon. The weather was beyond hot, high ninety’s every day, but that did not keep anyone from having a great time of fellowship, fun, worship and teaching.  There was an excellent turnout at the powwow on Saturday. 

Sunday morning we had the opportunity to present Gary Eastty with his new Abba drum and anoint it with song during worship. Also on Sunday morning Jerry shared his new song “Wake Up Sleeping Giant”.  The room broke out in dance and intercession! We finished the day and camp praying over everyone in the room.  Thank you to the Family Camp coordinators and Alderscreek conference center for all your hard work to make the camp a success. We left being beyond blessed as we headed for the coast for an overnight to cool off. Arrived in Lincoln City to comfortable 59°.

Sunday, August 7, we were at Shekinah Christian Center for our First Nations Sunday service.  Our friend Molly Korpala was here from Alaska and shared in dance and protocol. Also some dear ones who have been praying for us and First Nations for over 20 years were in attendance. Barb Steely, Larry Russel, Ruth Nelson and Linda Haarstad, thank you!  We so love going to Shekinah once a month and worshiping with the congregation there. It has become our home away from home.

Coming up next we have our friends Martin and Rebekah Neil coming from Wales to help Jerry with his recording project. They will be staying with us from the 14th through the 30th. 

August 18 through the 21st we will be participating with the Kalama heritage festival at the  Kalama Marina Park. Jerry is helping to facilitate a canoe landing on Saturday morning and will also be doing a worship service Sunday morning which will include some of our friends from Sacred Ground Church in Siletz coming to help with worship.  We are honored and blessed to have the Cowlitz tribe coming for protocol at the canoe landing and they have also volunteered to do a salmon bake for lunch on Saturday. We look forward to seeing as many of our friends who can possibly make it that weekend. 

We will also be vending at the event and will have our new Drumspeaker Shirts as well as the Sleeping Giant Shirts for Sale!

Saturday Canoe Landing and Protocol on the beach 8:00 am, Salmon at lunch time.

Sunday Worship Service 9:00 am at the Amphitheater

We will finish the month out working on recording Jerry’s new songs.

Please keep us in your prayers, all of these wonderful opportunities do not always come without opposition. And Jerry has had some health issues this past week and is focusing on healing up with medication and some treatments. Your prayers for complete health and restoration are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you friends for your prayers and support.

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First Nations Sunday 5/1/22

Shekinah Christian Center a 5/1/22 Drumspeaker at Shekinah•First Nations Sunday.

t’s a true honor and joy to welcome Drumspeaker to Shekinah on the first Sunday of each month for First Nations Sunday. 

Jerry and Leslie Chapman create a space that honors all people, all ages and encourages active engagement in worship, prayer, declaration and the Word of God.

EVERY•SINGLE•TIME we gather the Holy spirit shows up in mighty ways. 

There is truly something incredible that takes place as all gather around the Unity Abba Drum. You can feel the heartbeat of the Father. He delights in the gathering of this space.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity! 

It is like the precious oil upon the head, Coming down upon the beard, Even Aaron’s beard, Coming down upon the edge of his robes. 

It is like the dew of Hermon Coming down upon the mountains of Zion; For there the Lord commanded the blessing—life forever.”

Psalms 133:1-3 NASB

We honor you Jerry and Leslie! Thank you for willing hearts to serve Our Creator and for partnering with the Holy Spirit as He leads each of us. 

Join us on June 5, 2022 for our next First Nations Sunday!

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2021 Review

To start, we would like to thank each one of you who has supported us with you prayers, time, friendship and finances. With your support we keep going. We declare the blessing of the Lord on each one of you.

As we proceeded to minister through the confines of another year of mandates and protocols, the Lord continued to prove himself faithful. Allowing a surprising amount of ministry opportunities. Jerry is fully retired from truck driving and has easily filled his time in the drum shop and meeting with many people during the week. 

January 29-30 We had the privilege to join Steve Hampton in Vancouver WA for a time of worship and sharing in prophetic words.  Steve is a gifted musician and is so in love with Holy Spirit. His  worship in combination with the drums was most refreshing to say the least. The Lord has given Steve a unique gift in the understanding of the healing power of frequencies using the music of therapeutic singing bowls. We were able to take time each night to experience how the Lord can minister through our senses. God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see. Everything was created through him and for him. Col 1:16 This includes everything we touch, see and hear!

February 26-28 Once again we were able to partner with Steve Hampton here in Longview. Friday night we did worship at Evangel where Steve also shared his story of his life from a young age of serving the Lord in ministry.   Over the weekend he took appointments at our home for sound therapy. We found our home full the entire weekend with guests coming for appointments then staying late into the night just to fellowship with one another. We enjoyed discussing how Steve’s teachings stretched us. Sunday morning he had the opportunity to share some prophetic words over the congregation of our home church Evangel.

April 18  Shekinah Christian Center in Longview has invited us to share in First Nation style of worship and ministry one Sunday a month. Our First Nation family has been hungry for gathering and fellowship. It’s a time of drumming, prayer and proclamations. We have friends coming from all directions to participate. This gathering was our grandson Presley’s first time to minister on the  drum during worship, making for a proud Pops! (smile). Every gathering is followed by a potluck (as every native gathering should be). We are thankful for Maggie Kennedy’s heart for us and being so thoughtful for inviting us in for these times of ministry.

May 11-13 Prayer Summit Cannon Beach OR. This is our sacred time to unite with other prayer folks. Pastors and leaders from the region come together seeking the Lord for new kingdom strategies to be birthed and then flourish. It’s a great get away and good coffee!

May 15-16  From Cannon Beach we headed to Siletz OR.  We took a couple of days in Lincoln City to have a mini vacation. Our plan had been to take a real vacation after Jerry retired but with restrictions it didn’t happen so this was the perfect opportunity to just take some time enjoying the coast.  Saturday the 16th we were honored to be invited to share in worship at the memorial service of our good friend Bob Ledbetter at Sacred Ground Church in Siletz. We have never had so much fun at a  memorial. Bob was a comic at heart and remembering his humor and good nature made an all around pleasant send off. We are sure he is the life of the party in his heavenly home. Sunday morning Jerry served in worship with the Sacred Ground worship team. It is always a pleasure to share in ministry with these people. Monday morning Scott Albright invited us to share live on Winds  of Praise Radio. That was a fun experience. A few friends from home were actually able to listen in  while we were on air.

July 2 Sunday First Nation service at Shekinah

July 4 Jerry partnered with an all pastors worship team at our local Fourth of July festival. The time was enjoyed by all. 

July 18-19  Sacred Ground worship team from Siletz OR invited us to lead worship with them at Freedom Four Square church in Portland OR. We had a great time in worship both days. The congregation is a prayer powered group and are very receptive to our style of worship.

July 22  We traveled to Redmond OR to perform the wedding ceremony for our friends Steve and Shellie Copeland. We declare the blessings of the Lord on them and their children. 

July 26 Muckelshoot Church tent meeting with Nathan French. Jerry joined in with worship. There was a good teaching in preparation for their prophetic meetings in Tacoma.

July 30 Service at Shekinah 

September 5  Service at Shekinah, all of these worship times have been so special. So good for everyone to be able to be free in worship with drum and dance.

September 15-16  We had the honor to attend the memorial service for Pastor Kenny Williams pastor of Muckleshoot Pentecotal Church. Kenny was a true example of one who literally shares the love of Jesus in word and action. This man was filled with the joy of the Lord! He is missed. 

September 22  Mountain top prayer at Hurricane Ridge. We met with intercessors from Washington State and pastors Sam and Suganthi Dewald of Arlington Texas. Declaring the promises of God over our state!

September 26 the Methodist Church of Rainier OR and Longview WA invited us to their services. We shared in song and about how our ministry works. The Methodist church is aware and had a part in the residential schools in the US and Canada and are in the process of seeking reconciliation. 

October 2  The team from Siletz came and blessed our community at our service at Shekinah. It was really nice to be able to bring in a full worship team. We are thankful that these guys were willing to make the drive up to be with us.

October 24 Jerry shared at our home church Evangel in the morning for Pastor’s appreciation. In the evening we traveled to Chehalis and shared with song and the word at Pathway Church of God. Pathway is a very prophetic group, it was a great night in participating with Holy Spirit. God’s message spoke of colors and kingdom.

October 31 At the gracious invitation of Pastor Ev Tustin we went to Hillside Nazarene church in Kent WA. There we shared in an adult Sunday school class, Jerry helped with worship. He then shared an introduction to Native ministry along with Pastor Charolette Williams from Muckleshoot Pentecostal church. 

November 7 We had our scheduled Sunday service at Shekinah.

November 22 and 29 In honor of Native American month Jerry went to a local home school group and shared drumming and protocol with the kids. They we a most attentive group and loved participating in song with the drum and other native percussion instruments.

December 5 Was our last Sunday at Shekinah for the year 2021. We had a good time in worship and prayer and as always a potluck lunch following. We have become quite attached to this congregation and look forward to our time together each month.

December 10 We hosted our first Drumspeaker supporters open house. We had over 30 guests attend. Everyone had a great time and it was so nice to connect our supporters with one another and serve them with some Christmas hospitality. Thank you Natalie and Tracey for helping Leslie put this event together.     

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2020 Review

This was a most unusual year with the Covid virus closing down most of the country. We also had many ministry plans canceled. But we did have some doors open for corporate times of worship and intercession.

Jonathan Maracle

In January Drumspeaker  hosted Jonathan Maracle  of Broken Walls at Evangel for the morning service. There were several who traveled from Washington and Oregon to attend. There was lunch gathering at our home in the afternoon. Then the evening service was at the Church of Truth.  One of Jonathan’s comments was “It was so good to come to the region of my friend Jerry Chapman here in Washington. People came from across the region, native and non native. I was able to give them the love of Jesus and answers to questions they’ve carried for a long time.”

February, Jerry did a drum-building workshop in the Barn. The students had a great time learning not only to build a drum but also about First Nation culture and worship using drums. We were planning on more workshops but they are still on hold until things begin to open up for group gatherings again.

March April and May were quiet as people were asked to “shelter in place”. Jerry continued his job driving truck with out any limits on that activity. We did church online and also some other ministry via Zoom.

Starting in June our church began having services outside.  Jeff Hoover chose a different park location each week and that is where we gathered. It was wonderful to have something to look forward to.  Jeff made it an adventure, as he wouldn’t announce the location until just a couple days before. Jerry was a part of worship for all “Free Range” gatherings.

August 6, we joined a group of intercessors from the Portland area and prayer walked downtown Portland. The downtown area has been taken over by BLM, and ANTIFA, stores and business boarded up because of  nightly protests and destruction that went on throughout the summer. There has been little relief since summer. We continue to pray.

 August 7, we returned to Portland for a worship gathering with Sean Feucht. There were thousands of believers from the region worshiping the God of creation, calling forth His blessings on our land. What an encouraging time!

He is now officially retired from truck driving. Jeff Hoover did a nice job of honoring Jerry at our Sunday gathering. So far Jerry has had no trouble keeping busy in the drum shop and around the house.

September 4, we went to Vancouver WA for another time of worship with Sean Feucht.  It was an amazing time of worship, salvation and baptism in the Columbia River.

Pray Assignment Toledo WA

September 19, Jerry was invited to Hillside Church in Kent representing First Nation as a part of a discussion group titled “Are We Not One? “ A Conversation Toward Racial Reconciliation”.  We came away realizing just how many people are still struggling with their true identity in Christ causing them to continue to seek affirmation outside of the Creator.

View from our room Canon Beach

October 12-15, we landed in Cannon Beach OR for the KLMA prayer summit. It was good to be able to get out with other ministry leaders for a time away, seeking the Father’s heart together. It was a little rough for Jerry as he was still recovering from a more serious than normal gallbladder surgery. He pushed through drumming as he reclined in his lawn chair. 

Bruce Calhoun

October 17, Was the day we said goodbye to our dear friend Bruce Calhoun. Bruce was a part of every facet of Drumspeaker ministry. He was genius at configuring the pictures Jerry had in his mind. He was always of good cheer and his humor was beyond compare. Bruce was the best of friends always available to help out or just simply encourage Jerry in so many undertakings. Bruce Calhoun is dearly missed.

November 11, Suuqiina came to share. We normally have him at our home but decided to host him at Evangel to be better able to social distance. There was a good turn out and everyone came away being inspired with Suq’s teaching and entertained by his famous comedic rants.

December 14, We joined Daniels House of Prayer in Olympia for a time Prayer and Carols at the Capitol. It was good to join in with other worshipers and intercessors worshiping the King of kings and declaring His blessing on our state.

Mark Dykstra did a recording of Jerry drumming take a listens on this You tube site https://youtu.be/XwpX8p2jcIs

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. Please contact us with any prayer needs you would like us to partner with you in.


Jerry and Leslie






2019 Review

January 20: Jerry had the privilege of meeting at the home of Ken and Barb Steely to spend time with Ken and Alison Wild from England. Holy Spirit gave him a song for the Wilds as well as a couple of prophetic gifts.


Bruce Calhoun #1 helper with his new Bardhran drum Jerry made for him

February 19:  The Perspectives group invited Jerry to share in song and give a brief testimony on Native Ministry.

March 16: We were invited to the home of Dave and Nancy Bodine for a gathering with the group Son Of Issachar. It was wonderful time for us to receive ministry, encouragement, and commissioning and prophetic words.

March 21: Suuqiina came to the barn and shared some of his unique and thought provoking teachings. He is always a favorite guest of our community.

March 29-30:  Rainier Assembly of God was to host Ray Hughes who ended up quarantined to his hotel with the flu. Darin Scott from SRC showed up to fill in and had a tremendous teaching and prophetic time. Jerry had been commissioned to build a Bodhran drum for Ray so did a video presentation of the drum for Ray to see at a later date. They have remained in contact and we look forward to meeting up in the future.

April 19: The Washington State prayer coordinator Dara Casey invited Jerry to come open the prayer tent at the capitol for Passover. The sky cleared just as we arrived and there was a wonderful time of worship and prayer.

April 27: We were honored to attend a traditional naming ceremony of three of Jerry’s elders at the Chiwalthal long house in BC Canada.

National Day of Prayer
Dancers at State Capitol

May 2: The National Day of prayer found us at the Jackson Court House site and then up to the State Capitol for prayer and drum worship.

May 7-8: KLMA prayer summit in Cannon Beach Oregon.  We always look forward to this annual gathering of ministry leaders from our community to get away to relax, pray and worship. Even though we were only there for part of the gathering we came home refreshed and encouraged.

May 25: Jerry performed a wedding ceremony for a family member of our good friend Michelle Clark. Native tradition was part of the ceremony with Jerry actually singing and drumming. A bit unusual for the minister to sing but it was very well received.The groom is a Marine so military honor and culture was also included in the ceremony.

Neils at Evangel
Matin & Rebekah at Evangel

June 6-17: Martin and Rebecca Neil came for a visit. We had a great time catching up with each other’s lives. The Neils shared some of their adventures in ministry stories at Evangel on the 9th along with a little drumming and singing.  We were glad to have them here at the house for support when Jerry ended up sick in the hospital for several days. They even went to a local parade with Leslie and the baton club!

Lightening Stony Plain AB
Lightening Storm Stoney Plain

July 12-14: Kingdom Now Pow Wow in Stony Plain Alberta with Art Lucier and the Harvest ministry team. This was our second time to take part in this powerful time of worship and intercession. Jerry is always honored to be able to drum with the many gifted muscians.

Wiconi Drum Workshop

July 26-28: Wiconi family camp and pow wow. Jerry taught a drum-building workshop. There was a Sing to the Mountains worship festival that included many different worship leaders with whom several had Jerry sit in and play drums. And of coarse there was the family Pow Wow on Saturday including roasted pig dinner! As always it was good to catch up with old friends as well as make many new acquaintances.

August: Jerry headed to Canada for a family gathering while Leslie traveled to France and Spain with daughter Breanne and granddaughter Ava for a baton competition.

August 31: Civic Center Longview, Worship in the Park. Jeff Hoover thought it would be a good idea to have Jerry do some drum worship in the park. So we did! Jeff Beck started out with a traditional worship set while hot dogs were barbequed and served and then Jerry did some drumming with Steve Hamilton on bowls and Todd Adams on flute.

Gifting Mayor of Portland OR

September 7-8: Conquest 2019 Portland Oregon, Jerry led the 120 drum ministers from all over the United States and Canada who came to partner with Portland churches who are united in prayer, worship and evangelism. This was a powerful time in the spirit. What an honor it was to lead the churches of Portland with native drumming and dance. Jerry also had the opportunity to gift the mayor of Portland with a drum that had the word unity in Hebrew written on it.  On Sunday many of our First Nation ministers came to our home for a time of fellowship and downloading before heading to their homes.

September 28: Jerry did a drum worship set at the Washington State fair. We want to thank our friends who came out to support us on the drum and in dance.

October 26: Four of our family members received their traditional names Jerry’s brother Brett, sister Debra, brother in law Dave, niece Sharron and family friend David Carson. The purpose of the ceremony is to recognize a person as to who they are and what they represent and give them the name that best describes them. We were so happy to be able to be in attendance on this special day.

December 18: Suuqiina returned for a visit and a time of questions and answers as he finished up his travels for 2019. We had some new friends in attendance and   like everyone else they were pleased they had the opportunity to hear Suq share.


Jerry and Leslie



2018 Review

January: Jerry headed out to the all native men’s retreat in Bellingham WA. That same weekend Leslie attended a prophetic conference with Bonnie Jones at Three Rivers house of prayer in Longview.

January 18-20 we traveled to Nespelem WA near Coulee Dam to help our friend Bershet with her husband Gua’s celebration of life service. It was a beautiful time of worship in honor of this faithful man of God.
On the way home we stopped at the Wanapum museum, it was interesting to see their history. We sensed a spirit of welcome and peace.

February: In the early hours of February 7, Ann Maguire Chapman (Jerry’s mom) went home to be with her savior. No longer restrained by the confines of this world. We traveled to Canada February 9-11 for a memorial with family and friends. All but 4 of Jerry’s surviving siblings were able to attend.

February 15-19 we went to Oroville CA to minister at the First Nations Leadership Summit 5778. Leaders came from all over United States, Canada, as well as from England and Israel. Part of our purpose in gathering was confirming Native leadership responsibilities and gaining knowledge regarding gatekeeping. It was an intense time of worship, intercession and declaration.

February 23 was the Love in the Name of Christ annual fund raising dinner. Director Larry Russell has been instrumental in keeping First Nations Ministry visible in our community. It is an honor to be able to give back in small way by donating drums for the auction.

During the month of March Jerry had a couple of drum building workshops. We are always looking for opportunities to mentor and share drum building and protocol.

March 24: We had our annual JCM ministry board meeting. We are so thankful for our leadership team. Dave and Nancy Bodine, Lennie Retterath and Tracey Pruitt. They are tremendous support for us in prayer, prophetic vision and encouragement.

March 30-April 1we attended a The Return of the Gate Keepers of Turtle Islandat the Pentecostal church on the Muckleshoot reservation. Jerry was asked to emcee the 3-day event. First Nations North America (120 drums) commissioned several new gatekeepers. We also heard teachings from those who have been walking out the commission for many years. There were precious times of worship led by Robby Cummings with Jerry on the native kit. There were powerful testimonies from Tim Ehymann and Abraham George. Lynda Prince and Charlotte Williams went above and beyond with protocol. Our hands go up to Grand Chief Lynda Princeas she presses forward with abandon in Yeshua’s call for her to encourage the advancement of First Nations. Taking their rightful positions as Spirit led leaders

April 21 Jerry was invited to lead worship for Bridge Builders in Sequim WA. We joined Pat and Gary Walker who teach from a First Nations perspective with grace and humility. We so appreciate the Walkers, as they were some of the first people to spur us on into Native ministry and have continued their support through the years. We enjoyed the prayer group hosting the event and once again came away with new like hearted friends.

Also in April Suuqiina returned to the Barn for another evening of great teaching and revelation.

There was more drum building days in April with the undertaking of the building of Rival Drums for South Dakota.
Also as a result of these individuals coming to the shop the 120 drum project for Canada was started we now have 60 frames built for those drums!

May 8-9 we attended the Kelso Longview Ministry prayer summit in Cannon Beach OR. This is an annual event and we look forward to spending the time together with ministry leaders from our community in worship prayer and fellowship. This year was unique in that we were able to gather the group to pray into one of the revival drums Jerry built for South Dakota.

May 30-June 4 We drove to Palmer’s Gulch South Dakota to deliver the drums built from a tree that was standing during the Red River Rival of the 1800’s. Also known as the second Great Awakening. The location of the gathering was unique as it sits between Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument. Travis Vaad who commissioned Jerry to build the drums has a huge heart for First Nations people. Native Americans predominantly attend the Church where Travis is pastor.

We were so pleased to have our Pastor Jeff Hoover and Patrick Pickett from Longview make the trip to join us at the gathering. Jeff, Jerry & Leslie had a chance to make the hike up Crazy Horse where Jerry took the opportunity to sing and drum in worship. The meetings where filled with worship, prayer, declarations of hope and healing. Drums were sent out and commissions made to those who will use them in Native ministry. It was an honor to meet Jerome Slidesoff pastor, evangelist and descendant of Crazy Horse. A big thank you goes out to Travis and Jenna Vaad for all of their time, finances and hard work in putting this profound gathering together.

July brought us to the Wiconi family camp in Turner Oregon. It was so nice to meet up with old friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Jerry was slotted to teach a drum- building workshop. When he was setting up for the class he realized he had forgotten the drum frame. The class quickly turned into what to do with limited resources and a unique box shaped “story” drum was created. We brought our youngest two grandchildren who had a fabulous time on the water slide and in the creek!

August 30-Sept 4, at the invitation of Art Lucier we landed in Stony Plain Alberta for the Kingdom Now Worship Pow Wow. This event was so encouraging for us. It was evident from the start that the Holy Spirit was moving the current in this river of intercession, worship, declaration, celebration and vision casting. The weather was crazy from rain to sun to really cold, but there was no stopping what Abba had planned for this gathering. We were so well taken care of during the entire stay. We are very thankful for the support and generosity of new and old friends alike. We look forward to the opportunity to join the team from Harvest Ministries in the future.

October 25 and 26 we set off to Portland Oregon for a conference with prophet Jim Goll. Jim’s teaching was perfect for that specific time for both of us. We came away inspired and with our vision refreshed.

November 3 Jerry was asked to again emcee the Tacoma Intertribal Gathering’s fundraiser dinner and auction. All had a fun time and some much-needed funds were raised for this intertribal ministry.

Through out the year we traveled to BC on weekends to spend time with our tribal council and family in planning sessions concerning the future of Sqwe’lqwel. Much has been accomplished and there is much more to be done. We are very thankful to our chief and council for their many hours of hard work in this often times difficult and consuming task.

At home we are close to our church family who is very supportive in all
our ministry endeavors. Our hearts are full knowing we are loved and blessed by Evangel Christian Fellowship.


Thank you to all who have been faithful to pray and also give generously of your finances. Jerry is looking toward retirement in early 2020. With that will come a smaller income to offset ministry expenses.  We ask that if you are not already doing so, that you would prayerfully consider giving on a regular basis.


Jerry & Leslie Chapman


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2018 Photo Report

Hello Friends,

Thank you all for your prayers, participation and finacial support. 
Please take a look at our  photo report below of the many opportunites we have been blessed to be a part of. We look forward to all the Father has in store for us this year
 . Our prayer is that the He will bless you and keep you moving in his love and abundant blessings throughout 2018.
Jerry & Leslie Chapman

November 11: We took our final trip of 2017 to BC for our Sq’ewa:lxw gathering. We look forward to starting up again in 2018.

Tacoma Fund Raiser Gathering

November 4: Jerry served as emcee at the Tacoma Intertibal Gathering dinner and auction fund raiser. These volunteers work endlessly to serve the cultural people in the Tacoma area. We were happy to be a part of their evening.

Kids worship at the Abba drum.







October 23-28, was a Week of Worship at our home Church of Evangel. On Saturday night Jerry brought out the Abba drum for worship.









October 19-22: All Tribes DC Prayer Gathering. This was a great time of worship and intercession for our nation. Believers from all over the US and Canada calling on the Father for One Nation Under God. The next day we went to tour the city and found ourselves at a multi-denominational reconciliation service on the Lawn of the Capitol. We know that this was a divine appointment.

October 14: Sq’ewa:lxw Community Meeting Sardis BC. We have a good representation of all generations at our gatherings. Feeling really encouraged as a family.

October 5-8, we arrived at the Mission in Vacaville CA for a weekend of story telling and worship. David and Cheryl Tacha do an excellent job of honoring First Nations people while hosting this conference.   We met many new people and as always it was good to see old friends from through out the US and Canada.

Worship with Cheryl Bear, Vacaville CA

Story telling with Suuqiina Vacaville CA

Jewerly crafting with Lou Silva







Ocober 5 & 6,  we had the honor to stay in the home of Lou and Cindy Silva in Biggs CA. While we were there Jerry  had the privelege to learn the basics of crafting with silver from Lou who happens to be a Master Craftsman. Lou also serves the most amazing ribs in his own secret sauce!

October 1,
Suuqiina returned to the Barn for a time of story telling and mini art show.


This is who we are!




September 16, we headed up to British Columbia for a Sq’e’p, (Community Meeting). We are encouraged as we as  the Sq’ewa:lxw people move forward in our goal of independance.

June 17, Jerry was honored to be a part of the first scheduled event at the newly reopened Monticello Hotel joining believers from our community in a time of worship and declarations of blessings over our community.

Drum Worship at the Lake

July 1, We brought the Abba drum to Lake Sacajawea to participate as one of several  community worship sets during the day. What a blessing to be able to serve our community this way.


July 16, Pastor Mark Schmutz invited to share on some of our up coming ministry dates. We were honored to receive prayer and financial support from our friends at Northlake.

Northlake Baptist Longview

July 21-24: Worship & intercession on the Lummi Rez & concert with Jonathan Maracle in Tacoma. So glad to be a part

Dancing Our Prayers

Lummi Nation Worship Time

Prayer Tent Lummi

Tacoma WA









Tacoma WA





May 2-3, We attended the KLMA Prayer Summit. The prayer, worship and fellowship times were rich and encouraging.

May 4, We had the honor of attending the National Day of Prayer breakfast at the Governor’s Mansion for a
time honoring First Nation leaders. At noon we prayed and worshiped
on the Capitol steps.

May 18, Suuqiina came to the Barn for another night of great teaching.


May 27, Was the Sto’:Lo Nation Names Tour. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn more of the history of our Sto’:Lo anncestors and the land where they were placed by Creator. We aslo had a much needed time of connecting with our Chapman  family.

Sto’:Lo Office Sardis BC








April 26, 2017

We are moving closer to our goal of full time ministry with a favorable increase in prayer and financial support.  Thank you friends. If you are not already partnering with us we invite you to become one of our team. Just get a hold of us and we can get you plugged in.

Jerry traveled to Bellingham WA with friend Dale Wheeler to the All native Men’s Retreat April 7-9.  It was a fulfilling time of worship and fellowship for everyone.

Courtney & Jerry

April 22nd we had Courtney Villenueve leading us in an anointed time of worship and a facinationg teaching from Aaron Auer at the Barn.  Aaron has done extensive reasearch on the history of our believing ancestors in the Pacific Northwest.

Aaron Auer



March 13, 2017

14 drums ready for shipment to Taiwanese delegation

Just a quick update from the last 2 weeks. March 2-4 we had the honor to host two ladies from the second year class of Bethel Ministry School. A group of eight came to Evangel to share their ministry with our community. Bethany & Cheryl were a delight to have in our home and the ministry time at Evangel with our congregation was fantastic!

March 11, we traveled to Auburn WA to facilitate a gathering at Wabash Church. Some of the congregation are desireing a close relatioship with the Tribal community. We were so blessed to have so many of our friends join us. A big thank you to Pastors Kenny & Charolette,  Pastors Gary & Pat, Marie, Sue, Rita, Betty, Pastor Chet & Jean, & Dave for being willing to share your gifts.


 February 28, 2017

We want to say a Huge Thank You to Jeff, Mike & Elijah for coming out two weeks ago to split, & stack firewood to heat our barn and home. There is alway so much to do to keep this place we call home and ministry center moving forward. We seriously could not keep up without all the help our friends and ministry partners provide.16832055_10155543594000656_5621137530746761913_n

We were blessed to have Suqqinna from Indegeninous Messengers International share to a full house this past Sunday night. It was good to have some new folks come and we always enjoy seeing our regular attenders. The teaching time and fellowship was rich and we look forward to Suq’s next visit.

This coming weekend we will be hosting a couple of students from Bethel who are coming to Longview for some ministry time at Evangel. You can find details for the weekend at evangel-online.com

Again we want to thank each of you who support us with your prayers and finances. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in coming along side us in this adventure we call ministry!
Jerry & Leslie Chapman


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2016 Review



We give thanks to Yeshua for every opportunity that He so graciously sets before us. We also want to thank

 each of you who support us with your prayers and finances.
2016 was a busy season. Ministry took us from Los Angeles for the Azusa prayer gathering to the northern most part British Columbia for the Stikine gospel music festival. There were weddings, pow wows, seminars, retreats, healing meetings, prayer summits and memorial services. Each event bringing us together with family, old friends and meeting many new friends as well. All of these things being packed in vacations and holidays. When we look back at our schedule we area amazed how Abba took us thousands of miles in such a short amount of time. The blessing of it all was that He allowed us, and those we ministered with to share His love, passion and compassion as He restored and renewed so many.
As we look forward to 2017 we already have many things lining up on the calendar. Jerry is still driving truck full time and Leslie is rustling grand kids and coaching baton. We are diligently working to prepare for Jerry’s retirement from the driving job. This in itself is a job! So many details we really haven’t had time to think about, but now realize the clock is ticking down. Please pray that we can get our ducks lined up! We are also going to need a considerable increase in financial support to make this happen as Jerry’s scheduled full retirement isn’t for another 3 1⁄2 years. We are looking for people who are willing to partner with us on a consistent basis. We have had a handful of individuals who have supported us from the beginning of our ministry. These people have helped us in keeping the ministry moving forward for many years. For us to go full time it will take a sizable increase. Please pray about being a regular contributor in this ministry that Abba has allowed us to steward. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your involvement.
As far as our Barn ministry goes Jerry is still building drums and ministering to the guys that need a safe comfortable space. Jerry is taking orders for all types of drums, if you are interested in purchasing one just send him an email to get the conversation started. We have had a couple of meetings and are praying into having more activity in the Prayer Loft in 2017. We are also happy to open for those who need a place for small gatherings or just a quiet place to pray.
We want to send out a special thanks to Love Inc., who once again came to help out on the property. This year splitting endless amount of firewood to heat our barn and home.
Please watch our itinerary for future ministry dates. We would be happy to have you join us on this amazing adventure.


Jerry & Leslie


Pastor Hanna

Pastor Hanna


KLMA Prayer Summit

13413785_10154817526130656_6168429888756725336_n 14199433_10155021428760656_1833628385904677388_n unnamed dsc_0360_3759

On the rosd again

On the rosd again


Just having fun?

Just having fun?

Home Meeting

Home Meeting

13428472_10154819881050656_665465436825704636_n 13346537_10154819878650656_5607503139855008959_n

Ruby Creek

Ruby Creek

We drove thousands of miles

We drove thousands of miles

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2015 Overview

Prayer Barn 2015

Prayer Barn 2015

2015 Year in Review


We are so thankful to Abba for all the opportunities he provides for us to serve him. Thank you to all of you who support us in prayer and finance, you are most important in making our ministry complete. We would also like to acknowledge Love Inc. under the directorship of Larry Russell, they have put countless hours into our Prayer Barn and the property surrounding it. This year alone they spread fresh rock in the driveway, did the finishing work on the fence, added an outside door and stairway from the prayer loft and resurfaced the metal roof! Thank You!

Our prayer is that you will be blessed and see Abba move in an even greater measure in 2016. We look forward to partnering with you all again.

Jerry & Leslie Chapman

Following, you will see a short overview of some of our ministry opportunities of 2015. Enjoy.



Wednesday Nights throughout 2015 we have been hosting weekly pray in the Loft at our Barn. We are praying about what that will look like for 2016. 

January 8-10: We attended the “What is God Saying for 2015?” in Albany Oregon. This was a time of refreshing and encouragement. We also had the opportunity to meet with strategic prayer team members.


January 16: YWAM Missionaries from Panama Alex & Jennifer Cabezon shared at the barn. Alex is of the Wounaan people Jennifer is a Native of Oregon state. We shared song, dance and protocol. A heart connection was made and we look forward to the time when we can host an even larger team from Panama.family pic for printing


January 24: Three Rivers House of Prayer Anniversary Celebration. We continue to be active in perusing 24/7 prayer for our community.


February 6-8: All Native Men’s Retreat Bellingham WA. This is a time for native men to connect spiritually in a safe family atmosphere. Sharing their life experiences and wisdom.


February 15: JCM annual board meeting. We are thankful to have a diverse board bringing their experience and wisdom to our ministry. They bring encouragement as well as challenging us to walk out Abba’s plans and purposes for us.


February 17-18: Conference at our home church with Justin Abraham exploring “Impacting Spiritual Realms”. This was an amazing time of encounter with Holy Spirit.


March 5: Suuqiina returned to teach at the Barn. We love how he shares the Hebrew culture from the NDN perspective! Suq is a dear brother and we’re honored to host him.


March 21: Family Gathering in Ruby Creek BC. We are so thankful for the support of Jerry’s family. His sisters and brothers are always an encouragement.

He always looks forward to going home.


April 18: This was the day of our dear friend Theresia McCleary’s going home celebration. Per her request Jerry led worship on the Abba drum including a grand entry with First Nations dancers. Gene McCleary along with Theresia has been an integral part of our ministry. Words cannot express our appreciation for this couple.

Gene & Theresia McCleary

Gene & Theresia McCleary


May 2: Whirlwind worship at Vantage WA with James Nesbitt. This was an afternoon of powerful and intense worship and intercession bringing a “New Sound” and a release of prayer strategies to the Pacific Northwest. Jerry was invited to drum with the traveling team bringing First Nations representation.

Whirlwind Ministry team

Whirlwind Ministry team

KLMA Prayer Summit

KLMA Prayer Summit


May 12-14: KLMA prayer retreat. A much need time to connect to with our ministry family in the Kelso/ Longview community. During our prayer time we contacted the Chinook Tribe asking for specific prayer requests on their behalf. We as a community agreed to pray for, encourage and support the Chinook Tribe.


May 23-24: Partnering with Grammy award winning recording artist Bill Miller in Eugene Oregon was a highlight in Jerry’s music ministry. “A real learning and growing curve.” Bill is a respected musician in the professional music world and has much to offer especially to the First Nations people. Thank you Bill Miller for sharing your stories and music with us.

Don Gentry, Jerry Chapman Bill Miller

Don Gentry, Jerry Chapman Bill Miller


May 31: Worship and service with Bill Miller at Muckleshoot Pentecostal Church in Auburn WA.


July 9-12: Evangel Family Camp, even though the weather was unusually cool that weekend there was still a “drought”. We had a great time camping and having camp cook out over charcoal instead of a fire. Smile

Evangel Family Camp

Evangel Family Camp


July 24-26: Wiconi Family Camp and Pow wow, our largest Native family reunion was as much fun as always. Recognizing Yeshua at the heart of our culture expressed in traditional ways and customs. We are all learning to walk together and honor one another in our unique and individual ways. The whole family engages together sharing strengths and weaknesses. Worshiping in the children’s ministry as well as partnering with recording artist and friend Jonathan Maracle is always a blast. Our prayers and blessings go to our NDN family. To the Wiconi staff, our hands go up to honor the hard work you do to provide a safe family place for believers and pre-believers alike.

Drum Worship

Drum Worship

Friends at Winconi Camp

Friends at Winconi Camp

August 8: Worship at ANNA Prayer Initiative at Muckleshoot Pentecostal Church Auburn WA.  ANNA Initiatives: are gatherings that are being held throughout 2015 & 2016 leading up to an overall Joel 2 sacred assembly in October, 2016.  We are believing for 100,000 Native Peoples to come together in unity in fasting, prayer & crying out to the Lord to heal the people, land and the nations.


September 12: We hosted Rosie Phillips who is the Washington State

With Rosie Phillips HAPN

With Rosie Phillips HAPN

representative of HAPN and her team for a strategic prayer and worship gathering at the Barn. We declared God’s promise that this place and region would see an awakening and a fresh wind of the Spirit.

September 19: We attended the Honoring of All Cowlitz People Pow Wow. Jerry’s Sister Chief Maureen Chapman and his brother Monty came down from Canada to attend the event with us. The Cowlitz have been Jerry’s “family away from home” for many years. We are always honored and blessed to take part in the Cowlitz people’s gatherings.

October 1-4: North American Native American Indian Conference

Vacaville CA

Vacaville CA

Restoration. The event took place in Vacaville CA and was hosted by Mission Church. This is a church with a vision to invite and serve the nations. To witness and participate in the worship at this event was both amazing and moving. The over whelming spirit of love in this gathering was felt by all. It was good to connect with many dear friends and begin new relationships. We are looking forward to future partnerships as a result of this gathering. We were honored, to be commissioned by Grand Chief Lynda Prince to bring the 120 drums for a special ceremony during the conference.

Three Rivers House of Prayer Patti Kinswa, Marie Dancing Star, Jerry Chapman

Three Rivers House of Prayer
Patti Kinswa, Marie Dancing Star, Jerry Chapman

October 25: Leslie has been serving at the Three Rivers House of Prayer for just over 8 years where members of our local community committed to gather for prayer. After all this time we finally have been blessed to have a director to lead this vital ministry. Ian & Nedra Rutherford and their 7 children have relocated to Longview from Kanas City MO where they were full time prayer missionaries with I HOP. The Tri Hop Board asked Jerry if he would facilitate the protocol of welcoming the Rutherfords to minister here in our community. Cowlitz Tribal council member Patti Kinswa Gaiser along with 6 Cowlitz singers joined us the welcoming. What a blessing!

November 6-8: Arise and Shine Native American Conference at Muckleshoot Pentecostal Church in Auburn WA, November 6-8. We led worship along with Tony Flying Squirrel and Bob Ledbetter. The conference was well attended with many gifted teachers including Grand Chief Lynda Prince. Pat & Gary Walker and Kenny & Charlotte Williams did a great job putting this event together.






2014 Review

2014 Revivew

2014 Revivew

There’s a saying a that goes like this  “a picture paints a thousand words”  Here is our 2014 review with pictures and a few words.

Leslie's Mom, Jeanne Niemi 3-16-25 to 4-15-14

Leslie’s Mom, Jeanne Niemi
3-16-25 to 4-15-14

This year brought us a lot of joy and also sorrow. Leslie’s mom passed on to be with Jesus in April. We miss her everyday.


It was a pleasure to have Jerry’s sister Maureen join us as we followed a leg of the 2014 canoe jounery on Vancouver Island.

Wiconi Family

Wiconi Family CampWiconi Family Camp

Family Camp was a great time as usual. Reconnecting with many friends and associates.


We had three of the four grandkids join us at the “In Honor of Our Children Pow Wow” in Kelso this year. Pictured here with Jim and Sue Edwards. Sue all the regalia that Jerry and the kids are wearing. Jim passed away this last fall. He will be missed

Siletz Potlatch

Siletz Potlatch

Dean Braxton with John & Vangie Brown

Dean Braxton with John & Vangie Brown

We were so happy to be invited to the Selitz Potlatch. There was such a sweet presence of Creator there. The tribal grounds are pristine and the weather was beautiful.

Dean Braxton returned to teach at the Barn this  year. What a testimony of life after death and his personal encounters in heaven.

smQaumSuuq2011Suuqiina came for two more teaching times at the barn this year.  Abba gives him such a unique and fresh revelation every time he teaches.



Jerry’s sisters planned surprise 60th Birthday party at our house. He just about had a heart attack when family member from several hours away screamed SURPISE ! A good time was had by all.


A big thank you goes to Love Inc. team for coming out and healping Jerry finish the gigantic task of finishing the fence project.


We had an amazing God experience in San Deigo CA.  Jerry was comissioned to build and deliver 5 Abba drums to be played on a roof top over the city on the evening of Sukkot. There were First Nations people on all 5 drums, worshiping Creator and calling forth blessings over the city. The next day we traveled to God is Love Misistries on the San Pasqual Reservation and spent several hour in drum intercession. Did I mention this is what we were created for?


We actually took vacation time this year with our oldest daughter and family to attend USTA’s National Baton Competition. Our granddaughter Ava placed 1st in Strut in the 9 yr. old age division . We are very proud of her, especially this being her first National contest


Jerry had the opportunity to teach  drum buildling to some youth and adults in Siltez. The kids will be coming to the church to learn drum songs to share around their community

Here’s a quick look at what happened in 2014.

January: Dean Braxton taught at the Barn.     Attended Chinook Winter Gathering

February: All Natives Men’s Retreat Bellingham

March: Suuqiina taught at the Barn.       Prophetic conference New Castle WA

April: Ruby Creek Elders Gathering.         YWAM Mongolia Fund Raiser, Gig Harbor.

May: KLMA prayer summit.       In Honor of our Children Pow Wow, Kelso.

June: Canoe Journey Vancouver Island, BC.

July: Family Vacation Baton Nationals.        Wiconi Family Camp

August: Memorial for Leslie’s mom.      Prayer Gathering Vantage WA.       Siletz Potlatch

September: Cowlitz Pow Wow.       Tacoma First Nations Gathering.        Drum class with Evangel Kids

October: San Diego Prophetic Drum gathering.         Suuqiina taught at the Barn.

November: Tribal members meeting Ruby Creek.         Siletz drum building class.

December: Remodel Project!


Trying to keep this short but informative here are a few things not represented in picture. We have discovered that when you are in the midst of ministry its really hard to take pictures.

Jerry continues to build drums and sends them to many nations. Someone just sent us a picture of one his drums that was painted and the painter then gifted it to Chuck Pierce. That reminded us that we gifted John Paul Jackson a drum a couple of years ago. Then Jerry remembered an intercessor friend bought a drum to gift Dutch Sheets several years ago. Its kind of interesting that these drums have been put in the hands of some of the most visible prophets in our nation. What is Abba up to? Jerry is still driving truck full time. We are thankful for Abba’s provision

Leslie is still active with the Three Rivers House of Prayer here in Longview. She continues to serve on the board of directors. As well as attending a couple of mornings a week and being a part of as many prayer gatherings as our ministry and grandchildren’s schedules allow. We both have sensed a more urgent call to intercession and have opened the Barn up for prayer on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. All are welcome and those who cannot attend and need prayer can contact us and we are happy to include them in our prayers. We are finding ourselves in more prayer assignments than we have in last several years.

We both are blessed by the encouragement of the pastors and the congregations in our community. We know it is not common to have some many ministry leaders committed to supporting one another. There is a moving of the Spirit in our community and we look forward with great anticipation to what the Lord has for us here as well as what he will have us bring to others as we travel.

Words cannot express how thankful we are to have you all as prayer and financial supporters. This ministry would not be the same without you.

Thank you.

May the Lord Bless you with dreams and visions of the perfect plan and purpose he has for your lives. And the guidance and provision for those things to come to fruition.

Jerry & Leslie Chapman



2013 Review

There have been several people who continue to support us with their labors, please remember them in your prayers.  Our worship team Mike and Rene Greely and John and Vangie Brown . Those who are there for special projects include, Gene & Thersia McCleary, Gary Eastty, and Bruce Calhoun.   Also our ministry board Dave and Nancy Bodine, Lennie Retterath, and Dave and Janice Rorden.   Thank you to our city apostles who stand behind us with prayer, encouragement, and partnership Jeff Hoover, Larry Russell and Mark Schmutz.

Jan. 15, we had the Kelso Longview Ministerial group up to the Barn for a day of prayer. Pastors spending the day together in prayer = a powder keg in the spiritual realm.


 February 9, 3013.
Our hearts were broken at the passing of our dear friend Richard Twiss

Jan. 19, We attended the Chinook Winter Gathing, honoring ancient traditon with cultural values


Mar. 1-3 All Native Men’s Retreat, Bellingham WA, Good time of fellowship with Native believers.

Mar. 17 & 18 We once again had the pleasure of hosting Suuqiina at the Barn.

April 6, The Browns traveled with us to Lummi for a day of worship & intercession. Jerry’s great grandfather was born there. The Lummi people honored Jerry by claiming his blood and welcoming his family into theirs.

May 14 & 15 KLMA prayer retreat in Cannon Beach OR, spending time with pastors and ministry leaders in a much needed time of prayer  and reconnecting.

May 18, Kelso school’s kid’s Pow Wow. Always a good time for all. Please pray that there will be more volunteers to keep this educational event going. This is our grandson Presley wearing his new Thomas ribbon shirt.


May 24, House of Covenant  Bend OR, What an honor and blessing to worship with this congregation. Adam Spears pictured tying the Tzizit on Jerry’s prayer shawl.


June 1, Gathering in Chilliwack BC, the  BC gatherings are growing spiritually as well as in numbers.


June 13-15, we were honored to assist Lynda Prince with another prophetic conference at the Tswasson Long House in Tswasson BC.

June 22-23, Seletz Baptist Church, We love our family in Siletz and enjoy partnering with them in this Kingdom work.

July 26-28,  Wiconi Family Camp,  Always the best for connecting with friends and family.  Had a great time of worship Sunday morning with Elmer on flute and Jerry on drum. We missed Richard Twiss more that words can say. Our prayers are with Katherine daily.

Wiconi Pow Wow

Wiconi Pow Wow

Jerry & Elmer, durm & flute worship

August 10, Omak Stampede, Our ministry took place on a stage set up directly in line with Rodeo foot traffic. We made good connections with ministries new to us. We were also blessed with some great recreation, camping, swimming and attending the Rodeo.


August 18, Suuqiina returned to the Barn. Suq brings something new and deep that pushes   us all to ponder, study and pray more. Pictured

582078_10152254824245656_845364337_nClaire Beck leading worship in our prayer barn

October 4 & 5,  Native American Christian Conference, at Seven Feathers Casino. Our team enjoyed this one.  Millie Salt does an excellent job of facilitating and there was plenty of room for the moving of Holy Spirit.

October 17-20, Youth drum building workshop at Ruby Creek. Jerry was born for this, the kids had a great time and so did we. A big thank you Sharon of Skawahlook  for putting this together.unnamed

November 30, Mission BC Gathering.  This gathering was years in the making, God’s timing was amazing.  We met so many people and made some real soul connections. We look forward to the next one.

Thank you all for your prayers and finical support. We are are honored to be able to serve and your support makes this all possible.

The Bakalas from Ketchican with a donation of lumber

The Bakalas from Ketchican with a donation of lumbe

Paul Lopez leading worship at the barn,

Paul Lopez leading worship at the barn,

Drum worship with the kids at Evangel

Drum worship with the kids at Evangel

Mike & John at Native American Christian Conference

Mike & John at Native American Christian Conference

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2012 Overview

We have many praise reports for this year First of all for health and healing.  Jerry injured himself resulting in a torn meniscus. Knee surgery was expected but with much prayer and intercession on his behalf he was healed!!! Later in the year doing some heavy lifting and Jerry suffered a hernia injury. Once again surgery expected and actually booked, the results of more prayer and intercession was Healing! Finally a severely sprained ankle had Jerry once again in terrible pain. But after more prayer intercession and physical therapy, healing!!!!  THANK YOU JHOVAH ROPHI our healer. We are also very thankful for Jerry’s employer Lemmon’s Trucking who always found work for him when his wasn’t physically able to do his regular job.  This is a company that runs on Kingdom principals and their continued financial growth and loyalty of their employees is testimony to that.

More blessings for the ministry include being able to finish our gravel parking lot for the barn. There is now framework up for a fence.  We have new 2012 Toyota Tundra pick up that hauls passengers as well as drums. Finally we have purchased a small travel trailer for those trips where we need our own lodging. We are blessed!

There have been several people who continue to support us with their labors please remember them in your prayers.  Our worship team Mike and Rene Greely, John and Vangie Brown and Francis and Thea Barella. Those who are there for special projects include, Gene & Thersia McCleary, Gary Eastty, Bruce Calhoun and Sean Britt.  Also our ministry board Dave and Nancy Bodine, Lennie Retterath, and Dave and Janice Rorden.  To our city apostles who stand behind us with prayer, encouragement, and partnership Jeff Hoover, Larry Russell and Mark Schmutz

The words thank you do not seem enough to express our gratitude, but we are truly thankful. Thank you for your prayers, your financial support and your love. Without them we would not be able accomplish all we are called to. Please scroll down to see our 2012 ministry report.

We are a 501 c3 non profit and all your donations are tax deductible

January 20 & 21 Jerry returned to Missions Connextion as percussionist for the worship team.

February 9-12 We traveled to Coeur d’ Alene Idaho where Jerry opened the Fullness of Time Conference with Rita Bear Gray and dancers. Amazing conference

Fullness of Time

February 25 We went to the first planning meeting for the Awakening of the Dawn Potlatch.

Sunday the 26th we had a service at Muckleshoot Pentecostal Church with worship team Mike & Rene Greely and Francis Barrella. We also had the opportunity to minister to the children and include them in on the dedication of a new drum!

Muckleshoot Kids

March 2-4 Jerry and Francis headed to Bellingham to help with worship at a Native Men’s Conference. They were blessed to be there for teaching with Adrian Jacobs.

March 9-11 We hosted Suuqiina in the Barn on Friday night, and then he taught at the local Torah class on Saturday and then at First Christian Church in Kelso on Sunday.

AsAs a reminder we are a 501 c 3 non-profit. Your donations are greatly appreciated and ar

March 29:  Jerry had the pleasure to emcee a Pow wow at Green Hill School in Chehalis, Washington. There is a large Native American population at the school and many of the young men are very interested in experiencing things of their culture. It was a blessing for Jerry to be able to serve the students and faculty at Green Hill.

April 17: The Kelso /Longview Ministerial association hosted a ministry fair at the Three Rivers House of Prayer. We shared our Native American ministry as well introducing our Prayer Barn to our local pastors and church leaders. The event was well attended and gave a great opportunity to connected with the local clergy.

April 21: We had the opportunity to participate in prophetic conference in Seaside Oregon.  It was a unique meeting with no agenda, just a time of people from all parts of Washington and Oregon sharing what they have been hearing from Abba. At the end of the day, all who attended were encouraged and blessed.

May 19:  Jerry was once again the emcee at the In Honor of Our Children Pow wow in Kelso Washington. It’s a great opportunity for the kids of our area to be honored. The Paw wow is always the third weekend in May all are welcome please come and check it out in 2013.

Drumming at Fund Raiser
Drumming at Fund Raiser

May 26: Our worship team did a benefit concert to raise funds for the Breaking of Dawn potlatch. There was a good turn out with lots dancing and drumming.  Everyone had a good time and we raised $700. as well!

June 9: We traveled to Ruby Creek to share in a gathering at Ruby Creek BC that was hosted by Brander McDonald.  Randy and Cheryl Barnetson were also there and finally got to meet Jerry’s sisters.  Lots of ribbing for Jerry at the meeting!

Grand Chief Lynda Prince
Grand Chief Lynda Prince

June 12-15: We attended The Sounds of Heaven.  This was a prophetic gathering of First Nations Ministry leaders held in Vancouver BC.  Jerry was asked to come and lead and facilitate some of the worship.  Lynda Prince called together people from all over Canada the US. This was a time of worship, commissioning and also hearing specific words for us in North American from prophets from Israel and New Zealand. Words cannot describe all that happened.  This was a time ordained by Abba himself.

June 22-24: Our worship team traveled to Siletz Oregon to minister with Siletz First Baptist and Scared Ground Outreach. What a wonderful group of people, two congregations joined together. We had three services. There was great expectation for a move of Holy Spirit and that is just what happened.   We were blessed by their gracious hospitality. Nice meals and accommodations.  Our hosts literally moved out of their house to accommodate our whole team in one place.  We look forward to meeting up with people of Siletz again.

July 7:  Jerry Officiated a wedding for one of his co-workers. It was a lovely home wedding.  We continue to pray our blessing over these newlyweds and their lives together as a couple.

July: Leslie’s dad passed away in July, EuGene Aurther Niemi September 24, 1930 to July 26 2012. Gene had not been well for some time. The Lord honored him as in just one week’s time of him saying that he wished to die, he was taken from pain and suffering and into the arms of the Lord.

July 20-29:  We joined the Chinook tribe working as ground crew on the Paddle to Squaxin. Our granddaughter Ava came along with us, we all three enjoyed our time with Chinook people and were honored that they are so willing to include us in their activites. We look forward to serving them and participating with them in future events and gatherings.

August 5: Our good Friend Suqqiina came for another amazing teaching time in the Barn. It was a scorching summer day but it cooled down enough to be able to enjoy a potluck in the back yard. Jerry also purchased a small air conditioner that helped at least make the barn tolerable.

August 17-19:  Breaking of the Dawn Arrival of a New Day Potlatch at Muckleshoot Pentecostal Church. Jerry emceed this gathering of indigenous believers from across the US and Canada as well as some from across Oceans. Pat and Gary Walker and team did a fantastic job facilitating this gathering. Many were recognized and honored during this powerful time of gathering in the name of Jesus.

September 16:  Suqqiina returned for another teaching time in the Barn. We had a full house of believers hungry for more teaching from the Hebrew perspective.  Once again we were not disappointed.

September 22:  Cowlitz Pow Wow. Jerry’s brother Monty came down from BC and we set up a vendors space together. It was a beautiful sunny September day, perfect for sitting outside.   As always the Cowlitz put on a super salmon feast and had fry bread and smoked fish available during the day. We saw and were able to visit with many friends and meet some new ones as well.

September 29:  Three Rivers House of Prayer anniversary celebration. Leslie has been active with this house of prayer since it’s birth and continues to participate several mornings a week.  There is really nothing more fulfilling than to have the opportunity to meet with Abba corporately first thing in the morning to worship, proclaim His greatness and petition Him for our community. He has been so faithful to keep many in this band of prayer warriors together for over seven years.

September 30:  Adam and Karen Spears from Bend Oregon came to Longview to bless us with his wonderful teachings that he and John Klein have written in their trilogy of books Lost In Translation.  We met the Spears several years ago in Bend and though we don’t see them often we have a deep friendship with them. Sunday morning we had the opportunity to host them for brunch and then spend some time praying in the Barn. That evening Adam shared at Northlake Baptist to a full house. We are looking forward to Adam returning with John for a weekend seminar at Northlake in March.

October through December was spent focusing on family and Jerry continuing weeknight times meeting the men in the barn for building projects, prayer and fellowship.

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