Extreme Percussion Kit With Antler Cymbol Stands


Jerry hand-crafts First Nation style drums with intense intercession and prayer focus, and he believes that every beat of the drum is a proclamation of the greatness of our Creator Yeshua. For prices and order information contact Jerry at jerrychapmanministries@gmail.com  or by phone 360-431-0887

Large Percussion Kit


Thunder Drum 30×30

Abba Drum

30 inch hand drum

Drum Mix

3 Piece


6 Responses to Drums

  1. Ramona Big Eagle says:

    I am a Tuscaroran by birth and a Christian by choice for the past 42 years. I am a Legend Keeper and I share stories that always point to the Creator Jesus Christ. In my sharing I drum and sing. I would like to know about your ministry more and your hand drums. You can call me at 704-568-6940. I also want to know where I can get Christian/Native tracts to hand out at the Pow Wows where I do storytelling. Thank you.

  2. I asked Jerry to build me an 18″ handdrum in Feb 2010, it was delivered to me at the March 2010 meeting of the Tacoma First Nations Gathering. I have used it during daily devotions at my job at World Vision, and have used it also at the Many Tribes Ministries Wisdom Circle in April 2010, as well as in a recent sweat lodge at the Puyallup Nation. I am also using it in recording with the band WOR PARTY, and I cannot say enough great things about this drum. It resonates freely, it’s easy to hold (very important for hand drums, no cramping muscles) and Jerry puts much skill and prayer into each one. His band was leading worship the night that he delivered it, and various members of his band, as well as elders at the tribal hall, graciously came to me to annoint and commision this drum for the work of the Lord.
    Do yourself a favor, have Jerry make a drum just for you, it’s more than an instrument of music, it’s for WORship and WORfare.


  3. Susan B says:

    I have one of the drums that Jerry crafted. It has a **most excellent** voice!!

  4. Melaney G Lyall says:

    Hey what do you charge for a 16″ hand drum? Deer skin. Thank you brother!
    When do I get to come down and learn from the Master?

    Blessings to you both!

  5. Jerry built me an 18″ hand drum 3 years ago, it still has all the wonderful tone, and is built to last. He prays over each drum he builds. These drums are annointed. I’ll only be playing Jerry’s handrums for now on, or, as our friend Cherl Bear and I like to say “We like to beat Jerry’s hide”!

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